Monday 16 September 2019
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About Effingham Magazine

Effingham Magazine highlights the people, places and things you want to know in Effingham County 

Our purpose is to promote our quality of life, create business for participating advertisers, and open the door for dynamic Economic Development. Feature articles depict the life that showcases  Effingham County. Make sure to pick up a copy! Enjoy this beautifully written, quality community magazine-all for the Effingham County!


Write to us and tell us what you think. Effingham Magazine  welcomes all letters

to the publisher. Please send all letters via email to Julie Hales at julie@ Letters to the publisher must have a

phone number and name of contact. Phone numbers will not be published.


Effingham Magazine welcomes story ideas from our readers. If you have a story

idea, or photo essay you would like to share, please submit ideas and material

by emailing Julie Hales at

All articles and photos will be reviewed by the publisher, and if the articles

and accompanying photos meet the criteria of Independence Day Publishing,

Inc., the person submitting the material will be contacted. Stories or ideas

for stories must be submitted by email.  Only feature stories and photo essays

about people, places or things in Effingham County will

be considered.