Saturday 17 August 2019
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CM Insurance & Investment Group, Inc

Ask Melissa Waller what she’d like to offer area seniors, and she would say SOLUTIONS.  “I’ve been in the health insurance industry for over thirty years and in healthcare for the past seven.  In that time I’ve met a lot of people who assumed that their long term care needs would be taken care of by somebody else.”
The major point of confusion for seniors is the cost of long term care.  It’s a common misconception that Medicare pays for nursing home care.  “Medicare, or the commercial equivalent, will pay up to 100 days of rehabilitation in a skilled nursing facility, but only after a 3 day qualifying stay in a hospital.  Even so, only 20 of those days will be paid in full by Medicare, and many families have no way to pay the daily amount that kicks in at day 21.  You will also have to satisfy progress or therapy goals to get the full 100 day benefit, and chances are, the payer, meaning Medicare or the insurance company, won’t agree with the family’s perception of what’s needed to restore their loved one to good health and independence.  Also, many short term nursing home stays turn into a long term need.  What then?  Once that temporary Medicare benefit is exhausted, the family is on their own.”
Long Term Care insurance is the best solution, but that takes foresight, planning and an ability to pay the premiums in advance of the need.  This is a best case scenario that allows maximum choice and minimum stress.  “For seniors who have waited too long to purchase LTC insurance, I would offer the following suggestion.  Life insurance policies can be sold to provide lump sum settlement payments.  If you have a policy with a face amount of $100,000 or more, and you’re in declining health, there may b an opportunity to fund your long term healthcare needs without borrowing or burdening your family.  The sale of a life policy is called a Life Settlement, and it offers a real solution!”
Melissa Waller owns and operates CM Insurance & Investment Group, Inc, in Springfield, Georgia, and has been a life and health insurance professional since 1983.   “While my focus is Long Term Care insurance and helping clients explore and identify appropriate life settlement opportunities, I partner with Thomas Allen Financial Group to assist clients with other insurance or financial products.  We bring 60 years of experience to the table with our alliance, and we’re eager to find solutions for you.”