Monday 16 September 2019
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Golden Hours Senior Services, LLC


When it comes to health and wellness for seniors, there are some less obvious needs to consider.
Studies show that active, engaged seniors enjoy better overall health and a brighter outlook than their
less active counterparts. With that in mind, Golden Hours Senior Services was born. Melissa Waller
wants to help area seniors with their bucket lists by removing barriers to fun and fulfillment.
Q: What led you to start up a business like this?
“I’ve heard people say they stopped going to movies or the theater because they no longer felt
comfortable driving at night. Others admitted they’d stopped participating in activities or refused
invitations because they didn’t feel confident in their ability to navigate in unfamiliar places. Some
seniors don’t go out to restaurants anymore because they don’t want to eat alone. I don’t think
anything good happens when you run up the white flag and give up. Don’t settle! I want to provide
seniors with the confidence and companionship needed to stay active and engaged, for as long as they
Q: What kinds of activities do you recommend to stay engaged?
“Basically anything that gets you out of the house and excited about life. It doesn’t have to be an
adventure or a new experience. I had a gentleman from Savannah who wanted nothing more than a
ride in the country in a pick up. It had been a long time, but it was something he’d enjoyed regularly
on Sunday afternoons. I drove him all over our farm and other parts of the county before I took him
home. He was delightful, and said it was the most fun he’d had in years.”
Q: Golden Hours offers a wide range of concierge services, from clerical, errands and deliveries, to
overnight travel. One of the more interesting services you offer is ghostwriting?
“Seniors have all these great stories, and they want to share them with their families, but getting it
all written down and organized can be a challenge. If there’s a way we can help a family preserve all
that precious information, I’m happy to do it.”
Q: Who in particular could benefit from the services offered by GHSS?
The short answer really is anybody. There’s no doubt that getting out and staying active is key to
good health, and even a simple day excursion can do wonders to restore and reset the mind as well as
the body. I especially recommend our Day Travel Gift Certificates for the recently widowed, or
caregivers who just need a break. A day travel voucher is really a perfect gift for those situations.
Everyone appreciates “me time”!
Q: Your other services notwithstanding, how does GHSS differ from a traditional travel agency or an
excursion company?
“There are no canned itinerary stops here. Every aspect is customized to the interests and abilities
of the client. I do senior adventure, at the client’s pace and on the client’s terms.”
Melissa Waller • Golden Hours Senior Services • 912-655-3603