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Jonathan Bowerman : An Overnight Author

Jonathan Bowerman An Overnight Author

Jonathan Bowerman didn’t grow with a burning desire to pen a novel. Instead, his ambition was to become a firefighter, which he is living out that dream. Little did he know, that one day life would lead him on another adventure. Jonathan is now a self-published author, working on his third novel and earning the backing of supportive fans from all over.


An Overnight Author

Jonathan’s first novel was based off a spur of the moment event. His oldest daughter, Natalia (13) was looking for a sock and started making up this world where elves take over and take all of your stuff. His youngest daughter, Isabella (12), joined in on the idea and both girls started drawing about this secret elf world. “They came up with all these fun corky ideas,” says Jonathan. “I started looking at their drawings and thought it could be something.”

Seven months later, Jonathan was holding his first published book in the series, “The Secret Realms of the Hidden Elves – The Beginning.” “It was a surreal feeling, being an author. After I finished writing it, I had tears of joy. When I had my fingers on book one, I felt an overwhelming feeling of achievement,”says Jonathan. The second book in the series is out and Jonathan is about 75 percent finished with book three. He says a fourth one is on the horizon. Jonathan’s books are high fantasy for young readers and he assures his books are clean, fun  fantasy. “I like to provide a way for kids to escape reality, but would never compose something for young readers that is not clean. In fact, my books have scripture-based morals entwined in them.” He adds that he wants children to be able to learn something from his books, which is why he sneaks morals in between the lines.

Jonathan says if you like magic, adventure, fun and suspense, you would like his books. He leaves a cliff hanger at the end of every chapter and believes he knows what kids like to read.


Support is the Backbone of His Success

Jonathan is blessed with the support of his family and friends. He says 100 percent of his inspiration comes from his daughters, his fuel and ability come from God, and the much-needed encouragement

and constructive criticism comes from his wife, Colleen. Being a self-published author means you don’t get the fancy perks that come with having the backing of a big publisher. He relies on his wife, other authors and the online computer program, Grammarly, to help with the editing part of writing a novel.

His fans are another reason he writes every moment he can. All of his reviews are supportive and about 70 percent are from the parents of young readers. “I couldn’t ask for better fans, they truly keep me writing. I’ve spent a lot of time in the elementary schools and festivals, and to get to “nerd it out” with fans is awesome. There is no better feeling than writing something and having people like it,” smiles Jonathan.

Jonathan is thankful that his oldest daughter is a bookworm and his other daughter is on her way to becoming one. “It’s awesome to see kids who are passionate about reading, especially fantasy. It’s disheartening at times to see adults and kids buried in phones and iPads. It makes me wonder what’s next,” says Jonathan. He says he is willing to do whatever it takes to motivate and inspire kids to read, which is why he is so dedicated to his work. He says if he can get one child to read, then he’s done his work. “It makes every hour in front of my computer and every strike of my keyboard worth it.”
Finding Time to Do it All

It’s easy to see that Jonathan has a sincere passion for his work. It’s not just about writing, it’s about inspiring children to find a love of reading. Aside from being a dedicated author, he’s also dedicated to serving his community. Growing up, he looked up to his mother, father and stepfather who were all firefighters. Jonathan grew up in Deland, Florida, and right after high school, he enlisted in the Army. He was stationed at Fort Wainwright in Fairbanks, Alaska, and served as a firefighter. His high school sweetheart followed him there and after serving his time, he got out of the army and moved to Effingham County. He is currently a firefighter at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, Georgia. Jonathan, his wife, two daughters and son Lucas (5), live just outside of Guyton. “We love where we live and we don’t plan on leaving for a long time,” says Jonathan.

And he doesn’t plan on stopping putting pen to paper either. Jonathan has plans for at least two more series to include a teenage mystery series and a young adult fantasy science fiction series. He laughs but is serious when he says there isn’t enough time in his life to fulfill all the ambitions he has. His ambitions are not only to inspire readers but also other writers. His writing journey has encouraged his mother to write her first novel, which is a high fantasy book, too.

He says he’s fortunate for his job because of his schedule. It allows him to write on his off days and when it’s quiet at the fire department. “My favorite part about writing is about the fans that I make through it. There is no better feeling than providing a service and meeting someone who adores it,” says Jonathan.

He says he is having so much fun on this adventure and his goal is to visit all elementary schools in Effingham County by next school year. “I feel like I can be an inspiration to children if I have contact with them. If children can meet the author of a book they like, it makes reading that much more fun for them.”


If you’re interested in his latest series, you can find Jonathan’s books on Amazon:
“The Secret Realms of the Hidden Elves: The Beginning” and “The Secret Realms of the Hidden Elves: A Journey Remembered”


You can also visit his website or follow him on Facebook, just search for The Hidden Elves Book Series.