Saturday 23 February 2019
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The Learning Treehouse

Preschool And Daycare
The Learning Treehouse, located at 250 Goshen Road in Rincon, GA, is celebrating their 17th year serving the people of Effingham County.  The Learning Treehouse began as a dream for owner, Ashley Boland, when she realized the desperate need for a quality child care learning center in Effingham County.
The Treehouse later added Jana Fox to their growing team in 2002, and Jana now holds the position of Executive Director with Amy Hudson by her side as the Assistant Director. Jana mentions how thrilled they both are with the growth The Treehouse has experienced, and they look forward to the future.  “We are incredibly proud to serve the youth of Effingham County for over 17 years,” boasts Jana.
She explained the importance of care for both the children and their staff. “Our staff are professional, caring, and loving people,” says Jana. “We take care of them just as we do the children.” Jana continued to say, “one constant remains with The Treehouse, and that is, it is a special place for all who attend.”
The Treehouse offers programs including daycare for infants and toddlers, which are both offered through part-time and full-time options. In addition, they offer a Georgia Lottery Pre-K program that is lead by teacher, Liz Stratford.  Liz works hard to ensure that each Pre-K experience is one that both students and parents will cherish always.
Classrooms at The Treehouse are tailored to the children in each age group, and each participate in Bright from the Start’s Quality Rated programs that focus on continuous quality improvement. They carefully select materials for the children based on developmental needs, and teachers plan daily activities to challenge each child to help them meet individual goals. Lesson plans are created by their lead teachers and are based on the Georgia Early Learning Development Standards.
The Treehouse also utilizes a program called Hi Mama that is designed to help parents communicate directly with teachers. Parents receive updates, daily reports and pictures electronically through this application.
The Treehouse also provides a very popular after-school program that serves South Effingham, Ebenezer and Blandford Elementary schools.  They have recently expanded their program and have rented a building next door from Redeemer Church for additional space due to the popularity of the program.  “We find that our children who have been in school all day need time to play, go outdoors and just be kids,” explains Jana.
If your child still hasn’t had their fill of fun at The Treehouse during the regular school year, they also offer a Summer Camp for children K-5th grades, during which they spend time traveling all over the Coastal Empire to exciting and educational destinations.
In addition to the programs available through The Treehouse, Jana wanted to make readers aware of their focus on Special Needs Children as well. “We are very special needs friendly! Our teachers work closely with therapists to add items and accommodations that include all children in our classrooms,” explains Jana.
Jana also discussed the value of those who attend The Treehouse – some attending from birth through 6th grade. “We get to know these families and they become important to us,” explains Jana. She adds, “it is amazing to see the growth in each child and know that we had a hand in their early education.  It is often a bittersweet experience to love these children and then watch them leave us for the ‘big school’.”
To learn more about The Learning Treehouse and the programs offered, you may visit them online at, email them at, or call Jana and her team directly at 912-826-2893.