Saturday 17 August 2019
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Total Services Heating and Air Conditioning

Total Services Heating and Air Conditioning opened their doors to Effingham and surrounding counties over
four years ago, but their story goes much further back than that. Travis and Lisa Stephens met while in high
school and both worked for Lisa’s family business. Lisa worked in the office for her family’s HVAC business,
while Travis learned the trade from her father and grandfather in the field as a service technician. “I honestly
don’t remember a time before this line of work,” laughed Travis. “We were blessed to have the opportunity to
learn from Lisa’s grandfather and father and to have those core values from the old days instilled in us – be
honest with people and treat them right and it will come back to you.” Those values are Total Services Heating
and Air Conditioning’s core values and driving forces behind their business today.
In addition to working with one another for over twenty years, Travis and Lisa were also high school
sweethearts and have been married now for nineteen years. They have four beautiful children who they hope
will one day learn and grow from their family business just as they both did. “Our kids are our main focus,”
explained Travis. “We do make some sacrifices to be of service to our clients, but we are dedicated as a family to
helping others. We aren’t scared of hard work.”
The entire team at Total Services Heating and Air Conditioning believe in providing the highest quality at fair
pricing, while always making their customers their main focus.
Total Services serves Effingham, Bryan and Chatham counties and they put the clients' needs above the
bottom line. “I pride myself on not being a salesman,” stated Travis. “I am a service provider.”
His wife Lisa explained Travis’ passion for his work saying with a loving chuckle, “he just loves what he does.”
“It’s almost sickening to my kids how much I love this work,” laughs Travis. “I am a people person who loves
my job because I am able to go out and speak to people, and more importantly, help them in their times of
Travis explained that customer satisfaction is the most rewarding part of their work. “I read a quote the other
day that really resonated with me,” said Travis. “It read, ‘the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the
sweetness of low price is forgotten.’ It is important to us that you refer us to your friends. Knowing that people
trust you means the world to us. After all, you have your name and that’s it.”
One may think it would be risky to own and operate a business with your spouse, but Travis and Lisa could
truly write the owner’s manual for how to do so with grace and elegance. They have found the perfect balance
between running their business, their home, and making time for their family and one another. “Owning our
own business has provided us with more quality time with our kids and for that I am so thankful,” explained
“Lisa balances me,” explained Travis. “She helps to remind me to breathe,” he laughed.
Their son is already following in their footsteps working part-time for the family business when able, and the
other children are already excited to do so as well when they are older.
Travis and Lisa are always finding ways to give back to their local community, feeling extremely blessed for
all they have been provided. Total Services Heating and Air Conditioning are proud sponsors of many local
sports teams, The Treutlen House in Effingham, and the Lowcountry Down Syndrome Society (LDSS). “We are
always giving back to the community as it is important to us. We feel blessed to be in a position where we can
help, so we do all that we can and get involved in as much as we can,” explained Travis. “It means a great deal to
be able to help our neighbors. We are honored to be able to serve this great county, as well as, our surrounding
Total Services Heating and Air Conditioning offers a full range of indoor comfort products and services,
including, but not limited to: Heating and air conditioning, residential and commercial service of all makes and
models, Indoor air quality, filtration and humidification, system upgrades and replacements, complete duct
systems, repairs and cleaning, annual maintenance agreements, emergency service and offer free estimates.
Call Travis, Lisa, and their team at 912.728.6720 and let them help you navigate the world of HVAC with a
team you can truly trust! You have a friend in the business!
You may also visit them online at, or like them on Facebook at
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