Saturday 17 August 2019
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Two Rivers Health Clinic


Health Care Provided In Effingham County
O n October 1, 2015, Two Rivers Health Clinic opened its doors to the Effingham community for the first
time. A group of Effingham professionals, and residents, saw as a potential need, one that proved to be
very serious. What an eye-opening experience it was to this group!
How do you provide some basic healthcare to patients who literally have nothing?
The patients that Two Rivers Health Clinic serves are those that are between 18 and 64 years old, have
no insurance, and are within 150% of the federal poverty guidelines. These individuals are unable to
obtain any type of medical insurance coverage for a variety of reasons and have been unable to treat their
conditions. Now, on the second and fourth Thursday of each month from five to eight in the evenings,
they are able to seek treatment.
Two Rivers was designed to treat patients for chronic illnesses like high blood pressure, diabetes or
obesity, and is not a walk-in clinic. The patients must call in and make an appointment.
Bonnie Dixon, retired United Way Director, became the Two Rivers Health Clinic Board Chair in
August of 2018. She brings to the Board 25+ years of non-profit experience and fundraising to this team
of dedicated and compassionate fellow board members. Rebecca Boston, retired DFCS Director, was
recently elected Vice-Chair. Together, these ladies will bring an abundance of knowledge of the
Effingham community and its resources.
The clinic is completely staffed by volunteers. They meet at New Concept Health Care, office of
Director Jack Heneisen, located in Rincon. The volunteers consist of two physicians, two nurse
practitioners and five nurses. In addition, there are seventeen board members that work together to lead
the clinic towards its best forms of service.
Dr. Decker had retired from her practice in 2013 and was recruited to join with Two Rivers Health
Clinic a few months before opening by a nurse that she had worked with in her practice, Ginny Clary. The
clinic was in desperate need of her skills and the experience and expertise that she brought to the team. “I
felt like it was time to give back. There were some things that I could do and I was happy to do them,” she
says. She joined the team and has been fully committed to working with them to grow the outreach of
this clinic
At the end of 2018, they had 102 patients, 658 volunteers, and 1291 volunteer hours by the board
members. The top three diagnoses that have been treated are high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.
Others include thyroid disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, liver disease and more.
The Two Rivers team is tasked with attempting to aid the patients in a manner that will help them to
get their symptoms back under control in an affordable way.
The first step to affordable medications is prescribing generics from the four dollar list; however,
sometimes the medication required in unavailable, like insulin for diabetics. Two Rivers team tries to get
patients into the MedBank system to provide what they need.
The need in the community is great, and Two Rivers wants to continue to expand to meet this need;
however, it will require additional and continued support of the community that it is serving.
Two Rivers Health Clinic is made up of individuals that want to give back to the community that they
care for so deeply. The clinic’s volunteers, from board members to medical personnel, have seen a need in
the area and are working to meet that need to take care of their fellow Effingham residents.

Medical providers, volunteers, and donations are wanted, needed and welcomed. With a 501c3 status
and a permanent board, Two Rivers Clinic is actively applying for grants and actively recruiting other
In 2017, the Georgia Department of Public Health placed a value of $81,450 for the volunteer hours at
Two Rivers Health Clinic.
The Two Rivers Health Clinic team is making a commitment to growth for the benefit of their