Saturday 17 August 2019
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Vicky Little: Serving Effingham Health System Since 1973

Vicky Little has been a member of Effingham County almost her entire life and has been such an
important part of Effingham Hospital (Effingham Health System) for almost as long. She began working
at the hospital in 1973 as a receptionist and admissions clerk in the business office and had planned to
leave in 1975 to raise her second child. “I found my way back to working full time with the hospital in
March of 1976, and I have not broken employment since,” explains Little. She joked, “I have received
many labels over the years including seasoned employee.”
Little worked her way through several departments at the hospital holding many positions and various
titles in her career with Effingham Health System. She was the manager of the business office and served
as the financial officer prior to branching off to build the Human Resources department of Effingham
Health System. She served as the Executive Director of HR and Support Services until 2014.
When the new CEO, Fran Baker-Witt, joined Effingham Health Systems, Little was asked to serve as
Chief of Support Services. “My assistance throughout the years has been to play whatever part I have
been asked to play. It has been a joy! I love working here! It’s a great facility and it is truly the amazing
people that keep you here,” Little explained.
When discussing the growth of the hospital, Little said, “it has been absolutely wonderful over the
years to witness our growth! We started with a 45 bed hospital and 56 bed nursing home and have since
added a new wing and second floor for rehab. In 2011, we modernized all clinical areas and were able to
enlarge and enhance our surgical suites, as well as, emergency, laboratory, radiology, and
cardiopulmonary departments. It has been amazing to be a part of the expansion of services available to
the people of Effingham County.”
She is proud to be a part of such an incredible team at Effingham Health System. “Our CEO, Fran
Baker-Witt, has such incredible energy and brilliance of mind that she brings to everything. She is always
forward-thinking and on the cutting edge, encouraging our entire staff to bring our ideas to the table,”
explained Little.
Little lost her brother in an accident when she was 11 years old and her brother was only 12 years old.
He had fallen out of the back of a truck and had sustained a major head injury. “To this day, I wonder,
had Effingham Hospital been here, could he have survived? It may have been possible to stabilize him
and get him into the proper surgery to save his life,” explained Little. “People do not think about how
vital a hospital is until they need one.”
One of the most exciting changes Little has seen in her time with Effingham Health System is the da
Vinci Robotic-Assisted Surgery. “I am excited to have this technology closer to home as the recovery
time is so much quicker for a patient, thereby getting them home sooner and back to their lives even
faster,” explained Little. “In addition, one of the most heart-warming additions would absolutely be the
Summit Cancer Center.”
When she is not putting 110% into the hospital, Little enjoys spending time with her beautiful family.
She has a son, daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren here in Effingham, as well as, a daughter, son-in-
law, and two grandchildren currently in PA. She enjoys riding her Harley Davidson around town and
sharing her faith. “Outside of work I love my Christian ministry and the joy of meeting and talking with
people about Jesus,” explained Little.